Book Club: ‘How To Build A Share Portfolio’ Review

<> 18,

We look at Rodney Hobson’s guide to building the best share portfolio

Running an efficient portfolio means buying and selling the shares that make the most sense for you. How to Build a Share Portfolio by bestselling author and financial journalist Rodney Hobson shows how you can do this without being an expert or a full-time investor.

Many investors pick shares that take their fancy, or ones that have been recommended in the financial press, but this is often done without any thought for whether these selections create a balanced and suitable portfolio. These are investing mistakes and the author sets out to address these in this book.

Part One ? The Choice of Assets looks at exactly what a portfolio is and how the total value of a portfolio is of prime importance. A portfolio investor thinks about the total value of his portfolio rather than the success or failure of the individual stocks within it and, as such, he approaches investing in a very different way than just being concerned with picking a winner every time.

Part Two ? Building a Portfolio goes on to look at exactly how you begin building this structured portfolio. Hobson begins by taking a look at the basics, and after showing you how to decide how much you want to invest and when, Hobson then moves on to how you go about selecting the stocks that you wish to invest in.

How to Build a Share Portfolio is a practical guide to building and looking after your investment portfolio. Anyone who is interested in investing would benefit from its honesty and wisdom.