MoneyMaker Game of the Week: MENSA Academy


What have Quentin Tarantino, Dolph Lundgren and Jimmy Savile got in common? No, the Pulp Fiction director doesn’t like shell suits, and no, Ivan Drago doesn’t hand out gold medals to kids, as far as we know. If you got it right, then maybe you belong in their company, as the curious trio are all signed up members of MENSA, with IQ’s in the genius spectrum. Now then, now then, who would’ve thought it.

Yes, a MENSA membership is the badge of honour for the bright, and the calling card that proves smarties really do have the answer, and MENSA Academy out this week aims to give players across a host of platforms the opportunity to test their own IQ in the comfort of their own home.

Gameplay, as with similar titles of mental agility like the excellent Dr Kawashima Brain Training, is performed via a series of in-games, with over 100 different tests to befuddle your brain. Logic puzzles form much of the in-games, with the player’s grey matter getting a good working over, and it never feels non-enjoyable either. Many games suffer as they reach their denouement, BUT MENSA Academy is all about the final reveal, as at the end of each session you’ll be given your IQ score.

‘Proving’ intelligence is notoriously difficult to measure, and MENSA’s real-life testing is far from perfect, as acknowledged by the organisation itself, as the nature of testing means that it can simply demonstrate someone is good at taking tests rather than analysing intelligence, and the game predictably suffers a bit from this generic feel. However, unlike some similar games, this feels like the gamemakers have proved they also possess a decent IQ themselves, and everything feels logical, and well thought through.

It’s a quiet week for games, thanks mainly to the Olympics and the traditional summer lull, but if you fancy celebrating your cerebral capacity, you’ll do far worse than check this little gem out across almost all platforms.

MENSA Academy is out now.