Pitch Of The Week: Keeping Your Future In House

Invest in A Property Portfolio

Building a property Portfolio is a unique business opportunity. Invest in a property portfolio that will not only secure equity for you, but also generate an income while your capital grows. More investment opportunities.

We work with business owners, directors, school teachers, accountants and many more. Our clients include anyone who wants to take advantage of the significant opportunities to invest into UK property and needs support through the process.

During 2016 an average discount of 28% was achieved for the benefit of clients all discounts are verified by an independent RICS surveyor.

The Team

I often say that if you chopped me in half you’d find the word PROPERTY running through me like a stick of Blackpool rock. Why? Simply because I believe property is the best investment people can make. It’s tangible and unlike shares, which can be wiped out overnight, property always retains some intrinsic value.

Having built a multi-million pound property portfolio in the UK, I wanted to establish a business that would enable others to do the same. Get in touch.

The Market

After years of negativity and pessimism in the property sector, it appears as though the green shoots of recovery may finally be making an appearance. There is a buzz in the press about a growing confidence in the market and there are a number of encouraging signs which indicate that the economy may be on an upturn.

The next three to five years present a great opportunity to benefit from the current market conditions, and build a profitable portfolio that will deliver great returns for years to come.

Investment Requirement

You can start a portfolio with anything from £85k upwards, and in doing so you are investing in your financial future.

Apply for mortgages and property development finance from a specialist lender for the best rates. Borrow up to £2.5m from Hunter Finance to fund your development and building projects. Use the money to buy land and / or properties for development.

If you are interested in discussing property investment more, email us at invest@singlecurrency.co.uk.

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